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Interview MasterClass


  • ​Learn the “7 Step Consultative Interview” to getting managers to not only LIKE you but support you through the rest of the process to secure the job offer
  • ​The two critical elements you must discover early in the interview process so that you can maximise your influence and rise to the top of the list of candidates
  • ​How to communicate the value you bring in rich details and create a great impression so that you blow away the competition in the interview process 
  • ​How to overcome objections that are blocking you from going to the next level in your career … even if you have tried everything so far and nothing has worked 
  • ​Discover the negotiation strategy that has helped people secure a $50,000 increase in salary and change the job specifications to exactly suit their needs… this technique alone can change the course of your career
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Win at interviews

​How to maximise your influence and rise to the top of the list of candidates through the "7 Step Consultative Interview Process".

Be memorable

Communicate the value you bring in rich details and create a great impression so that you blow away the competition.

Negotiate Upwards

How to negotiate upward when it comes to job offers and get paid what you are worth and agreeing on terms you want.

What you will get:


1. VIDEO: How to influence people through consultative interviews

2. VIDEO: How to overcome common objections that could kill your chances at the interview

3. VIDEO: How to follow up, negotiate and get the job!

4. PDF: 10/10 Interview Preparation Checklist

5. PDF: Top 5 Objections Handling Framework

6. PDF: How to create a 30-60-90 day plan

7. PDF: The S.T.A.R Storytelling Planner

8. PDF: Traffic Light Assessment for value-based decision making

9. PDF: Post Interview Reflection Checklist

10. Get The Job! eBook (53 pages)


Impress interviewers with a 30-60-90 day plan!


  • Apply this three phase guide to create an impressive 30-60-90 day plan
  • Offer the plan 'proactively' to set yourself apart from other applicants
  • Field-tested pro-tips to help you avoid failure and set yourself up for success with the audience 

We put in 100 hours of research, carefully selecting the best examples for you, so that you can get the same results in minutes.

Overcome typical interview objections


Don't be stumped by a question about a weakness in your career history

  • Learn the "Objection Handling Framework" to overcome any challenging question
  • Be ready with a response and prepared to turn around the situation
  • Keep the interview process moving forward beyond sticky situations
  • Examples include "Not enough experience", "Overqualified", and "Too many jobs".

S.T.A.R stories are memorable


After interviewing 3-7 candidates, the Hiring Managers often struggle to differentiate between people.

  • Learn the "S.T.A.R" Storytelling format to use in your next interview
  • Communicate the value you bring in rich details and become memorable in spite of a crowded list of interviewees
  • Use the "S.T.A.R Story Planner Tool" so that you can prepare in advance and blow away the competition 
  • Feel confident and ready to impress every time you interview

Get Noticed eBook 


A well-suited candidate can miss out on a great role because they lack good interview and follow-up skills. Knowing how to interview well and follow up afterwards will maximise your chances.

To succeed in this, improve your skills in these key areas:

  • Interview: learn how to build rapport, discover client problems, challenges and desired results, and communicate how you can help the company achieve its goals
  • Follow up: review the interview, assess the fit and decide whether or not to pursue and follow up the next steps to create momentum and maximise influence
  • Negotiate: learn to align on outcomes and influence to reach agreement   

The result: you switch from being ineffective to being influential, preferred and offered the job.

Your Guide, Pree Sarkar

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  • Rated Top 1% Recruiter by LinkedIn
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  • 10 years in Fortune 500 corporates rising up to Senior Leadership Team
  • Lost my dream jobs after 9/11 and GFC crisis, survived, reinvented career 3 times and thrived (bit of a specialty!)
  • Dad to 3 kids – 9, 13 and 16 and Husband to his high school sweetheart

Our Clients Have Been Hired At:

Our Clients Have Been Hired At:

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+ Top 5 Objections Handling Framework (value $100)

+ How to create a 30-60-90 day plan Guide (value $100)

+ The S.T.A.R Storytelling Planner (value $100)

+ Traffic Light Assessment for value-based decision making (value $50)

+ Post Interview Reflection Guide (value $50)

+ Get The Job! eBook (value $50)

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