Step-by-step video courses to land your dream job

No one taught you how to create a winning resume, get in front of great companies and interview to win.

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Get Focused

Learn how to gain clarity about the job you will love, perform well, get rewarded and make a difference.

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Get Noticed

Learn how to communicate your value quickly, create an impressive resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Get Interviews

Learn how to target the right people at your dream companies and secure 3x more job interviews.

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Get the Job

Learn how to interview like a boss, gain influence, follow-up like a pro and negotiate what you are worth.

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If you don't know how to secure a great job ... it will limit your career, earnings and satisfaction.

Step 1: GET FOCUSED on the Right Fit

  • The TWO invisible forces that are helping you win or lose at work … and how to use them to secure the right job … even your dream job
  • The FOUR questions you must answer to achieve clarity about your Sweet Spot of work and life
  • Appreciating the need to accept your adaptive self and authentic self…with this approach…you won’t need to “fit-in” or play office politics
  • How to figure out what the Right Fit is for you … so that you don’t have to accept jobs that are boring, frustrating or simply soul destroying! 
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Step 2. GET NOTICED with your Resume and LinkedIn profile:

  • How to value yourself, build an impressive personal brand, and increase your market value RIGHT NOW
  • ​How to build YOUR BEST RESUME without wasting any more time or money in creating yet another version of your resume that DOES NOT secure interviews. 
  • How to rapidly create an impressive LinkedIn profile without guessing or stressing … so that when recruiters and employers see it, they will contact you immediately with job opportunities 
  • How to increase your network rapidly and build your influence on LinkedIn … with this approach … you won’t have to depend solely on job applications anymore
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Step 3: GET INTERVIEWS with Great Companies

  • Explore the Hidden Job Market and discover why some jobs are never advertised … with this approach you can get 1-1, high-quality engagement with hiring managers
  • "Insider Secrets" of how to find details of hiring managers and recruiters … so you can skip the job application queue 
  • Apply the A.I.M model and messaging scripts to rapidly increase your network and secure 3-5x more interviews
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Step 4: GET THE JOB with Interview Influence:

  • Learn the  powerful 7 Step Consultative Interview” to getting managers to not only LIKE you but support you through the rest of the process to secure the job offer 
  • How to communicate the value you bring in rich details and create a great impression so that you blow away the competition in the interview process 
  • ​Discover the negotiation strategy that has helped people secure a $50,000 increase in salary 
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► #1 Bestselling Author, Amazon for Job Hunting and Careers

► Rated Top 1% Recruiter by LinkedIn

► Worked with 1000+ employer job briefs and 10,000+ candidates (career plans, resumes, interviews etc)

► 10 years in Fortune 500 corporates rising up to Senior Leadership Team

► Lost my dream jobs after 9/11 and GFC crisis, survived, reinvented career 3 times and thrived (bit of a specialty!)

► Dad to 3 kids – 9, 13 and 16 and Husband to his high school sweetheart

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Our Clients Have Been Hired At:

Our Clients Have Been Hired At:


“The Switch Method Program helped me secure two management job offers, in a very competitive market."

Lesley, Director Services

“The Switch Method helped me to go from zero interviews in eight weeks ... to TWO job offers!”

Rijo, Project Delivery Manager

“I got my dream job with Tesla … I applied everything I learnt in the Switch Method … and it worked!”

Jonathan, Support Advisor

“Because of the Switch Team, I found my value, my confidence and the right job at a very difficult time.”

Joel, Account Manager