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Hate Mondays? Then you’re in the WRONG job

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If you hate Mondays, you are in the wrong job. 

Some people hate Monday, celebrate hump day on Wednesday and have checked out by Friday. 

They have the Sunday night blues as they start thinking about work, reviewing their calendars and inboxes, and dreading the week ahead. 

And yet they go back to the same job, week in and week out.


A recent Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that... 


23% reported often or always feeling burned out at work, while an additional...  

44% reported feeling burned out sometimes. Another report found that...

51% of people at work are not engaged and... 

16% are actively disengaged people spend more time planning their holiday than their career. 


Some plan their holidays at work, but would never plan their career on holiday. They are stuck in the wrong job, unhappy, frustrated or burned out because they haven’t challenged the status quo. 

They haven’t asked themselves questions like ‘Should I remain in this job?’ or  ‘Is this role/manager/company the right fit for me?’ 

And of course, they haven’t acted on the obvious answer: change something at work or change your work.


Then there are those who make a different choice. They take ownership and make a conscious decision to look for jobs and build the career most people WISH for, where they are:

  1. Well rewarded for their contribution
  2. Impacting their colleagues, loved ones, community and the world
  3. Successful in solving problems and achieving results
  4. Happy, satisfied and have a sense of wellbeing


So, don’t go with the flow. Stop, think and make a decision. The right job IS out there. Make a decision to say NO to jobs that are just not right for you.


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